Best Women's Clothing Brand - Bronze

The 2019 Running Awards

Featured In Glamour Magazine's 'Gift Guide'

October 2019 Issue

Halstead, Essex


Raffle Tickets will be available to purchase Friday at 7pm


There will be 90 tickets costing £1 each and you can buy as many tickets as you like.

1 ticket will get your name in the draw once, 2 tickets means your name will go in twice and so on, so if you buy 10 tickets your name will be in the draw 10 times.


Once all 90 tickets have been sold I will then randomly select three names from the draw, if your name is selected you will win a surprise pair of leggings in your size!


I will draw the winners as soon as all the tickets have been sold.

Winner's will be drawn in a live video via my Facebook Group.


If you miss my live video don't stress, I will contact the winner's using the email address provided when the raffle tickets were purchased


Good Luck!

Raffle Tickets

  • The raffle prize is a surprise pair of leggings in your size.


    There will be three winners