Never Give Up!

So you may have seen me talking about my new design ‘Never Give Up’

When I first saw this hoodie in real life today I actually had a tear in my eye. It may sound a bit ridiculous but the slogan means so much to me, to see it on a piece of clothing has totally overwhelmed me!

There’s been so many times where I’ve felt like giving up, when I’ve felt like I just couldn’t possibly carry on because there’s been an overwhelming darkness surrounding me just waiting to eat me up inside.

There were times when I was so desperate to talk to someone about how I felt, but then at the same time didn’t want to admit to them (or myself) how I truly felt, because I was embarrassed for feeling like I just couldn’t carry on.

I remember crying myself to sleep when I was younger and wishing I wouldn’t wake up because I just couldn’t deal with life anymore 😭

But I can’t tell you how happy it makes me today to know that I did wake up, that I did find some strength to carry on, even when I felt like couldn’t.

Even today there are times when I think this is too hard, or I can’t run anymore or I can’t listen to my kids screaming at each other anymore but I know I’m stronger now than I used to be, and I know I can handle it, even if it is hard.

Life is a wonderful gift, even if it doesn’t feel like that all the time.

Things will ALWAYS get better, you just need to find an inner strength and keep fighting because you WILL GET THROUGH IT!!


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