Life Is Fragile, But You Are Strong

What did you do yesterday? Did you go out or did you stay in? Did you turn left or did you go right? Did you say I do or did you say I don’t? Did you take the red pill or did you take the blue pill? All tiny insignificant decisions that had no meaning yesterday, but then weeks, months years down the line when you reflect and realise that that one tiny decision may fundamentally change the course of your life. Life is fragile but you are strong. I remember a dark sad time in my life when I made the decision to take a pill, and another and another. I wondered if it would be enough to take my pain away. I shut my eyes and listened to the most saddest song I knew and hoped I’d never have to hear that damn song again and I’d never have to feel that pain or be suffocated by the dark cloud that was consuming every part of me. And I remember the next morning waking up and being so relived that I made the decision to stop at that last pill. Because I was alive. Life is fragile but you are strong. We are wired to live, but sometimes that wiring can break, just like your leg. If your leg is broken what do you do? You go and get it fixed. All you need to do is fix the wiring. It is not easy but what the hell is??  Your bones need time to heal, so does your soul. I’ll tell you this now, you should go and eat your favourite ice cream, go to the shop and buy a birthday cake who cares it’s not your birthday, just do it because you can. Go out and say hello to a stranger, you never know might just be the reason they smile today. Run on the beach. Climb a god damn tree. Sing a song at the top of your voice, even if you’re a shit singer who actually gives a crap. Stay up until 4 in the morning talking rubbish with someone you love. We all have the opportunity to do whatever the hell we want. Sod what anyone else thinks.  YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE  So make it count like Jack & Rose did. Life is fragile but you are strong. You are a precious gift to the World and there will always be someone who loves you. They will hear a song be reminded of you, they will smell your perfume as they pass a stranger and they will think of you. They will want to pick up the phone and talk to you. You might not think that going left or right has any significance to your day but the universe has a plan for all of us. So make your decision and fate will do the rest. So what will you do today? Will you go out or will you stay in? Will you turn left or will you go right? Will you say I do or will you say I don’t? Will you take the red pill or will you take the blue pill? Whatever you decide just remember that life is fragile but you are strong. And you can do anything you want, but most importantly, live, breathe and carry on x

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