Family Day

Face of an Angel, Heart of The Devil :-)

Today is a family day 💕

Starting our day off with breakfast out and then followed by cinema.

Social Media Life

We all sit down together, eat warm food, drink hot coffee.

Kids are playing together nicely.

Tom is enjoying himself.

I’m really looking forward to the cinema.

Real Life

Kids are running around like animals.

My breakfast is cold because I’ve taken the kids to the toilet twice already, whilst in the toilet Willow locks herself in the cubicle which consequently ends up with us having to get a member of staff to help unlock the door, by now my breakfast is inedible.

Tom’s coffee keeps coming out cold and I know as soon as we get to the cinema the kids will declare they’re starving and need snacks because they only ate 2 baked beans for breakfast 🙈

Family days rock! x

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