Does This Only Happen To Me?

You know when you’re in Next minding your own business browsing the Reed Diffusers and then you hear a kid having the worlds worst tantrum and you think I’m so glad that banshee don’t belong to me? Well.. Today it did belong to me.. for a whole 33 minutes... mate honestly I could have cried right there in the shoe aisle.

The kid was uncontrollable all because I bought her a different pair of shoes than what she had chosen. I mean credit where credits due the ones she picked were much better, leopard print and everything 👌🏼 but I was being sensible and got her the plain ones so they’d match with more stuff.

Honestly I can’t believe the amount of dirty looks I got, I ain’t just gonna give in to her though just to shut her up, no way Jose, I let her scream it out for ages.. then my other kid needed a wee so I had to carry the screaming kid out the shop whilst she was as stiff as a surfboard ripping all the clothes off the hangers as we walked through the aisles..

It was a retail massacre i'm telling you, clothes everywhere, people tutting, me getting slapped in the face by the little ragbag, I had to carry her for ages too cos she kept running back into the shop like a dog with a bone.

Anyway the point of this essay is that this little angel pushed me to breaking point today, I questioned myself as a parent, which is stupid I know that now looking back. My kid ain’t the first and most certainly ain’t gonna be the last to have a hissy fit in Next over a pair of shoes.. shit I do it all the time when they ain’t got a 5.5 in stock!!

We all have these days and it’s all part of being parent, it’s shit at the time but we get through it, it’s just what we do. So next time your kid is having a melt down just remember my kid is just as bad as your kid and I’ve been there and I survived, you will too!!

In the mean time I’m gonna save this story, along with 126 others, for when she introduces me to her boyfriend, that’ll be my payback, in your face Willow Olive, you little adorable ragbag 💁🏼‍♀️💙

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